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Help save the monarch butterfly!

The dramatic reduction of the monarch butterfly population has raised serious concerns about its future survival. In 2013 there was less than 3 acres of Monarch habitat in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, a drop from 20 acres in the 1990s. To ensure the protection of this beautiful butterfly, we must help restore and conserve the habitats where the monarch butterfly seeks shelter and food during its migrations. Their winter habitat was once heavily forested, but in recent decades these forests have been cleared and degraded at an alarming rate for the extraction of timber, agricultural conversion, and domestic wood harvest. The severe loss of forest cover decreases the monarch butterflies habitable area and changes the microclimate patterns that are ideal for the reproduction and survival of these amazing butterflies.

Forests for Monarchs' mission is to assure the long-term survival of the monarch butterfly through the conservation and restoration of forests. With your donation, they can plant essential trees for the Monarch butterflies. These reforesting efforts also benefit the health of local watersheds, micro-climate, biodiversity, and the economic well-being of local people. Forests for Monarchs reduces the impacts of wood harvesting on the natural and protected forest by distributing and planting high-quality native tree seedlings.

With your help we can save more of the monarch population. Just $15 plants 30 trees for these butterflies.

Update from the Field

May 2017

The funds granted to us at Forests For Monarchs through this grant, allowed us to grow and plant 10,000 native pine and oyamel trees to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere and surrounding areas that have fallen victim to legal and illegal clearcutting and global climate change during our Summer 2017 planting season, which runs from late June through the end of August.

Monarch Butterflies

 January 2017

Forest for Monarchs Planted 13,420 native tree seedlings in the Highlands of Michoacan, Mexico in 2016 to restore and preserve the monarch butterfly wintering sites. It is expected that the restored land of 6-10 hectares from GreaterGood donations in 2016 will sequester between 20-50 metric tons of carbon per year per hectare. In 2016 Forest For Monarchs also produced and transported 11,710 native tree seedlings used to restore degraded land within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and in the watersheds of Zirahuen and Patzcuaro, Michoacan.

Forests for Monarchs is dedicated to protecting the monarch butterfly and other endemic species by reforesting the land surrounding the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, and to promote sustainable forest management among the local landowners for their economic benefit and forest conservation.

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