Madrean Discovery: Save the Sonoran Salamander!


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Help fund field studies and research to preserve the Sonoran Salamander's fragile habitat. 

Listed as endangered in 1997, the Sonoran tiger salamander is extremely rare. The salamander was discovered in 1954 and has an extremely limited distribution, but on one of's recent Madrean Discovery Expeditions into Sonora, we discovered salamanders in 4 new locations—far south of the Arizona border, which was previously thought to be the southernmost location of any Sonoran salamander population. Invasive salamanders introduced to other areas by humans have seriously harmed similar populations, and a single accident at the nearby copper mines could be catastrophic. is already working on a partnership between local Mexican Universities and the USGS to ensure the survival of this new genetically-pure population of Sonoran salamander. The unique location of this population has huge implications for the survival of the species north as well—here the Río San Pedro flows north into Arizona, where it is protected as the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area.

The time is now to conduct a study of this new population because of potential acid spills into the San Pedro watershed by the Buenavista Copper Mine. We have the opportunity to protect this endangered animal by limiting operations of the mine. Students from two local universities will search for larvae in breeding ponds and adults foraging at night during the summer rains in September. U.S. Geological Survey biologists will do genetic analyses of tissue samples. Educational materials will be provided to schools and public groups in Cananea to raise awareness and help local conservation efforts.

You can help. Your gift sends students and scientists into the field to study this endangered population and set a course for its protection.

About Madrean Discovery:

Madrean Discovery Expeditions is a Signature Program of whose mission is to explore, study, and protect the Madrean Archipelago in Sonora, Mexico. All biodiversity observations made during the expeditions to these unique ecosystems are stored in an open-source database, used for conservation, research, and education.

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