Keep Animals Safe: Remove Poachers' Snares


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Wild animals are experiencing unnecessary pain and death because of snares. You can help.

Each year, metal snares entrap thousands of African animals. Wild animals like giraffes, lions, elephants, rhinos and zebras are disappearing at alarming rates throughout Africa. Poaching for bushmeat and for trophies is one of the main causes. Poachers set wire traps, called snares, in the forests to indiscriminately catch and kill as many animals as possible. One poacher can set as many as twenty snares a day, and leave them up indefinitely. If these traps are not removed, the beautiful wild animals of Kenya will continue to vanish from the landscape.

Located in Kenya, the Anne K Taylor Fund hires rangers to help protect Africa's precious wildlife, removing deadly snares from the Kenyan Bush. Over 500 snares, on average, are removed each year by the team. It is vital that metal snares are discovered and destroyed, since one snare can be used over and over again to capture hundreds of animals during its lifespan.

You can help. $30 covers the complete cost of removing a deadly wire snare.

Anne Kent Taylor founded the Anne K. Taylor Fund (AKTF) in 1999, to find both short and long-term solutions that involve the Maasai communities in conservation efforts to protect their heritage and their futures. AKTF fulfills its mission through focusing on anti-poaching (in conjunction with local authorities), livestock enclosures, and education projects.

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