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Zulugrass Beads for Learning

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A trio of colorful strands delight the senses with a symphony of color. A touch of the magnificence of the sweeping Kenyan plains, all for you.

Designed by Philip and Katy Leakey in the bush country region of Kenya, Zulugrass jewelry was created to provide work opportunities for their Maasai neighbors without adversely impacting the Maasai culture. Native long grasses are harvested one blade at a time, dried, cut to size, then dyed lovely hues. Using a tradition of superlative beadwork dating back generations, Maasai women string the the grass beads together with brilliant Czech crystals, creating attractive jewelry for you while bringing much needed income and opportunity to themselves, their families, and their community. The Leakey Collection will donate 100% of their profits from the sales of Beads for Learning bracelets to fund the salaries of local teachers.

  • Zulugrass & Czech glass beads
  • 7" L (17.8 cm)
  • Handmade in and fairly traded from Kenya

By shopping the Global Girlfriend collection, you are making a difference in women’s lives across the globe. Global Girlfriend is focused on striving for gender equality and empowerment, and the importance of women providing for themselves and their families. By supporting jobs that guarantee fair wages by fair trade, women are able to proudly contribute to their families, encouraging their communities to flourish.

Can jewelry design alleviate the disastrous effects of drought? The Leakey Collection's Zulugrass jewelry is a shining fair-trade business model based on Philip and Katy Leakey's desire to help their Maasai neighbors after the 2002 drought hit most of Kenya. While the Maasai men drove cattle to far-off lands to find water, the Leakeys assisted the desperate women and children left behind by creating a line of simple but stunning bracelets and necklaces made from bio-friendly, native long grasses. This abundant plant is harvested by hand, dried, cut into beads, then dyed with natural elements into lovely hues and strung with Czech faceted glass beads.

Working with the nomadic nature of the Maasai, who have a long history of beading jewelry, Philip and Katy called on the strengths of the 800 year-old Maasai culture to set up a business model that could be done anywhere. "We tried to make our business fit their lifestyle rather than change their lifestyle to fit our business," notes Richard. As a result some women can string 100 strands in a day. They package kits of beading supplies to make ten items of jewelry and the women spend as much or as little of their day as they'd prefer, sitting, laughing and chatting while stringing beads onto elastic.

The ingenuity and thoughtful expression of caring by the son of the famous anthropologists Louis and Mary Leakey and his adventurous artist wife, Katy, have endeared them to fellow Kenyans, who voted Richard in as the first white member of Parliament in Kenya after free elections. He served in politics for nearly a decade, and the two currently live the African safari lifestyle, out of tents.

A generous part of the Leakey Collection's proceeds are invested back into the community to improve health and education. Today, up to 1,400 Maasai people at sites spanning 150 miles of the Rift Valley make an average of $100 a month per person thanks to the Leakey Collection, while still maintaining their unique cultural traditions and the region's environmental health.

Customer Reviews

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I got the

I got the set of two. I love them. I have many Zulugrass beads, but these are my current favorites to wear as bracelets. They are colorful and lightweight. I think of the Maasai women beading every time I look at my wrist. It is such a joy to participate in this project. I am so happy to help fund schools for the Maasai.

Beatuiful! Exactly what

Beatuiful! Exactly what I wanted. People always ask me where I got it, and it's great to be able to inform them of this item, and your site :) Great cause!

I have three

I have three strands of these. They're far more durable than I thought they'd be and I always get comments on them. The money goes to such a good cause, too. Buy some!

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